My Deep Learning Dev Environment

I recently started a new project mostly written in Java. As I was setting it up, my intention was to avoid waisting time in the future with setting up development environments etc. Ideally, if I could set it up in a way which would let me run/debug the code as a Dockerised Maven project directly within an IDE that would be perfect! ... read more

What I learned from my failed startup

Founding and building a startup company over the last 3 years, with the aim of revolutionising language learning on the web, has been one of the most exciting, enriching and toughest journey I have experienced so far... read more

My Deep Learning Dev Environment

I've spent quite some time at this stage trying out different things while setting up my deep learning development environment. So I thought I would document my current workflow in case it could help anyone trying to do the same more

The Trump Deep BS Quote RNN Generator

Did you ever wonder how do icons such as Mr Trump continuously come up with such original BS in such a short amount time? Did you ever wish to equate such prose? With the Trump Deep BS Quote RNN Generator, you will surpass all of your expectations and formulate despicable commentaries... read more